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Should I Ever Provide Free Services to Earn New Business?

The general answer to that question is no. I highly recommend arriving at an agreement to pay agencies for their pitches whenever possible if they’re going to be providing consultations, storyboards, mock ups, etc. However, if a client is basing their choice simply on your portfolio then I don’t see the need but if there are new ideas coming to the table, they should be compensated for the effort assuming you’ve agreed on the process beforehand.

The core issue here is respect. When you have respect and open communication between client and agency it leads to better work in my experience.  Quite simply agencies produce better work for clients they respect.
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Homeless Poet a Fixture of Creativity, Inspiration and Hope!

Yesterday, I had lunch in Bells Corners at a Vietnamese “Pho” restaurant with one of my good colleagues.  I had asked him if he had ever seen “that homeless guy” who writes poetry on the corner of Sussex Drive and George Street.  A majority of the time I get the same reply, “Yes, I’ve seen that guy before”.

Dessler's Office - the Street

A fixture on the same corner for more than two years, Dave Dessler or Crazzy Dave as he prefers to be called, may be homeless, but he isn’t faceless. With his messianic hair and quick, caustic wit, he has been “busking poetry” that tends to focus on what he senses at street level to survive.   He doesn’t wave a hat at strangers and he never asks for money. Instead he spends his days etching rhymes onto stained pieces of cardboard in colorful shades of permanent marker. However, the poet is, in fact, tired of life on the street. “I’m so mentally and emotionally beat to sh–, I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”
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Posted on June 12, 2009 in Motivational by Rob Saric
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